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We cater to a wide number of property management and real estate firms. We value the relationships we have developed with a number of businesses throughout the last decade.



We have created a comprehensive list of all areas which will be inspected prior to purchasing or selling your home.
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Emergency and Security Services

Providing fast response for break-in at all hours.
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Installation Service

We help you to install new equipment or replace the old broken one in your house.
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General Maintenance

We have 30+ years experience on repairing house equipments.
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Renovations and Extensions

Take advantage of AAA HANDYMAN PERTH’s wealth of experience
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Our enthusiastic team at AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can provide you with the opportunity to maximise the value to your business and to your clients through improving the return on RENT / SALES through the provision of a full suite of HOME MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATION services.
Everyone knows that first impressions are lasting impressions and YOU only get one chance to make a lasting impression.
By utilising our affordable, prompt and reliable HOME MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATION services, any properties listed that receives our quick home makeover will demand a higher rental or sales return after making the best possible first impression for your listed properties.
If you have a listing that is looking a little tired and that does not present as well as it could, we suggest recommending AAA HOME MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATIONS to your landlords. Our team will provide a timely quote with suggestions for a quick home make-over with the aim to;
  1. Attract a better quality tenant
  2. Attract a longer lease term
  3. Attract a higher rental return on investment.
Maximise the potential of any new listing by presenting it in the best possible light to all prospective purchasers. A quick and simple home make-over will enable your seller to;
  1. Display a home with kerb appeal Present the home as a light and bright property
  2. Appeal to more buyers as the home is ready to inhabit
  3. Have the edge if other homes are under consideration by a buyer
  4. Generate a quicker sale
  5. Attract more offers
  6. Attract a higher sale price and finally
  7. Give the sellers better bargaining power.
From first-hand experience and more than 30+ years working in the home maintenance and renovations market AAA HANDYMAN PERTH knows that an agent that makes that little extra effort to present a property in its best possible light through making recommendations such as a quick and inexpensive home make-over, increases the relationship and trust between an agent / property manager and the owner/s. When presenting an attractive property, one that presents neat, clean and neutral usually means a property is on the market for fewer days, which in real estate speak means an increased return for all concerned, whether they are the licencee, selling agent, property manager or owner.
To achieve the fresh look for any of your listings AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can provide;
  1. Design service for interior and exterior to best present your home
  2. Low cost options for presenting the property in a manner that will appeal to a wider target group
  3. Prompt service for quotes, repairs and HOME MAINTENANCE AND RENOVATIONS
  4. Project Management from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
Alternatively, AAA HANDYMAN PERTH are able to provide a cosmetic makeover, a full or partial renovation at a realistic price.


Why are AAA HANDYMAN PERTH different?

Think about this before you make your next sale.

We have all heard about how some tenants leave a home looking tired and run down. Here is an opportunity to remedy this problem and generate the best possible return for your owner’s investment.
By providing your owners with the knowledge that AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can perform an inexpensive magical makeover that will entice the next tenant to want to move in early and stay longer will mean your owner can attract a tenant motivated to maintain the premises to a higher standard.
A quick re-paint of the external and internal areas will present any property to the market looking fresh and enticing.
AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can also address all of those minor maintenance issues that may deter a quality potential tenant. Any major maintenance issues can also be addressed in a timely manner to enable your property to be suitable for the rental market as quickly as possible providing early cashflow. As we are all aware cashflow is the lifeblood for owners and the licencee.
AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can conduct a full range of inspections and provide detailed reports for your owners, pre and post tenancy.
Based on our reports we can prepare quote options for your owners to consider.
AAA HANDYMAN PERTH can maintain a full range of security issues on your rental properties, including an emergency call out service to address door, window or lock damage.
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AAA Handyman Perth have been providing MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS AND RENOVATIONS services over the years and some of our clients include;

Everything is very professional looking, unlike many other handyman works.

Guinn Le Web Designer, XploboX Solutions.
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We offer discounts for Seniors.
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